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CV or Board Bio

A Board Biography is an essential document to secure your next board role. Differing in nature from a professional resume and speaking to a different audience, a Board Biography communicates your unique value proposition as a board member. It should be a cohesive and compelling narrative that translates your executive experience into the strategic value you contribute to a boardroom.

In collaboration with experts, The Virtual Advisory Board has developed a Board Biography writing service, exclusive for VAB members. Through this service, your career highlights, credentials and accomplishments will be captured to craft a narrative that truly speaks to your unique value as a board contributor, in a format that allows you to share this value effectively in board-relevant conversations.


Book a time with our team to hear what you can expect from our Board Bio service process

As we have a limited capacity, we operate our Board Bio service on a waitlist basis. For more information or to register your interest, contact Mikhaila at 

Virtual Advisory Board Ltd

Suite 5 39-41 Chase Side, Southgate,
London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP
Wa. +44 7904 908 437
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