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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I met with other members from my region?

The VAB leadership team together with Shimi Shah and Ken Tyler, are developing a special course programmes for different levels to support you on your way to achieve this goal. For further information you can reach directly to them or join our first webinar on the 10th of November where more will be explain about it.

Is VAB part of YPO or exclusive for YPO'ers?

No , we are not a YPO product and we are not exclusive for YPOers, even though we have more than 50% of our members from this Group. Also it is important to mention that our members are not just people under transition. We have a lot of CEO's operating in current positions, as well as founders of PE's looking for opportunities to investing.

Which is the best way to get on boards positions if I do not have enough experience?

We are starting the first groups by regions. In November we are launching the United States group where we have around 20% of our members worldwide. Same thing with Europe, where we have 55%. Some volunteered members like Niel and Katy in Europe, and Gary and John in the US are helping us to be our moderators in those regions. Those meetings have the intention of sharing needs & leads, introducing each member background with the objetive of sharing insights and finding opportunities together.

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