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About The Virtual Advisory Board

The Virtual Advisory Board is a community of highly experienced executive talent that is ready to provide board advisory consultancy and act in Non-executive Director (NED) roles. It is a transparent panel of executives that forge connections with organisations seeking board level expertise, while creating a unique space for sharing information on topics related to Board of Directors (BoDs), NED roles and the world of advisory services.

It is a virtual and global platform, conceived by Mark Hamill of The Naked Headhunter, together with David Fernandez, an e-commerce entrepreneur. Mark came up with the idea for the virtual advisory board at the start of the covert pandemic when they realise that advisory services could be provided remotely.


Our Mission

To develop a virtual, global community of highly experienced executive talent from multiple industries: ready to take on BoD and NED roles


Our Vision

To take advantage of modern opportunities for connectivity and remote work and move BoD advisory to a unique, virtual space where executive and board-level expertise can be shared to drive businesses around the globe.


Our Values

* We are inclusive and diverse.
* We want to be the BEST not the BIGGEST.
* Our members are people NOT numbers.
* We have a passion for connecting people and curate our members success.

VAB's Global Community

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