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The Virtual Advisory Board is a community of highly-experienced, executive-level talent from 31 countries representing over 50 industry sectors. 


Our members serve as Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and offer advisory board consulting for businesses around the globe. Join our rapidly growing group to find your next board advisory or non-executive director (NED) role. 

The Best advice comes from the BEST advisors

Acquire Virtual Advisory Board Skills & Land Your First Role

In our virtual community, executives can take a proactive approach to secure positions as board advisors or NEDs.


Interested in Finding Your Next Role ?


Finding an advisory role is all about meeting business leaders and interacting with them: finding the right fit of skills and experience to push a business forward. The VAB community is a group of professionals with varied experiences who help one another improve their board readiness and make intros for NED and advisory board roles


In the VAB Community, we learn both from one another as well as from external experts who work with executives, chairpersons, NEDs, etc. to help them update and fine-tune their advisory expertise. Our learning programmes are member-driven and react directly to community needs.


The VAB Community is a source of ideas and inspiration. Our members range from experienced advisory board professionals and NEDs to persons seeking their first board advisor roles. Our member base also works in specialised thematic groups addressing varied issues such as women on boards, board roles in specific geographies, technology and boards, and much more.

Jane Hales

I found the VAB experience very smooth. Initial conversations with Mark were relaxed and insightful. He understood the brief well and introduced me to four worthy, experienced candidates.  Mark was at hand throughout the process; now, I look forward to the next part of our growth journey.


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