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About Us

The Virtual Advisory Board (VAB) is a virtual and global platform, conceived by Mark Hamill, an executive headhunter for over 25 years and a YPO member for 13+ years, who came up with the idea for creating VAB at the start of the covid-19 pandemic. In that time, global business executives were approaching him looking for board opportunities. At the same time, heads of SMBs and blue chip companies from Mark's network were sending him search requests for board advisors, even if this meant hiring virtual advisory talent from all over the globe.

Mark was soon joined by David Fernandez, an e-commerce entrepreneur, who became VAB co-founder and CEO and helped Mark bring the virtual advisory concept to life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect our members and help them navigate their way in the global board of directors and advisory board ecosystems.


Our Vision

To create the best global, virtual community where our high-calibre, invite-only, expert members and partners can find, in a single space, all relevant and necessary resources related to understanding the boardroom.


Our Values

  • Talent Diversity & Inclusivity

  • Top-Quality Advisory Talent & Services

  • Fun & Collegial Community Environment

  • Member-driven Programming

  • Investing in and Supporting People

  • Curating Success


Our Founders

Chairman & Co-Founder

Mark Hamill

Chairman & Co-Founder

Mark Hamill is a thought leader in talent acquisition, specialising in C-suite roles, CEO succession, and Board development. He is a strong advocate of care in executive search. He represents Ackermann International as NED, serves as YPO chapter chair in the UK, and is CEO of his own company, The Naked Headhunter.

CEO & Co-Founder

David Fernandez

CEO & Co-Founder

David Fernandez is a Mexican entrepreneur who has lived in Singapore, Brazil, and the UK. He worked for many years in e-commerce. He has served in sales director roles in EMEA and Latin America, working with brands like Cadbury, Groupon and Vend. His passion for connecting people helps him define the strategy for, and grow, the VAB community.

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Our Team

Brady Clough

Communications Manager

Vitor Miguel

Operations Coordinator

Ricardo Barreto

Finance Manager

Gabriel Brugnaro

Head of Member Experience

Juliana Radosavac

Member Experience Manager for EMEA & APAC

Callum Mitchinson

Global Membership Manager

Mikhaila Hopner

Head of Operations

Saiva Naroga

Head of Member Programmes & Networks

Pedro Vale

New Memberships Support

Matheus Rolim

Member Experience Coordinator

Nathalia Guimarães

Operations Associate

Anu Beebeejaun

Partnerships Director

VAB Global Advisors

Gary Pilibosian.jpeg
Gary Pilibosian

Managing Partner

Virtual Advisory Board

John MacEntee.jpeg
John MacEntee

Board Member

Virtual Advisory Board

Millicent Tracey.jpeg
Millicent Tracey

Fintech Advisor & Board Member

Virtual Advisory Board

Giuliana Tranquilini.jpeg
Giuliana Tranquilini

Board Member

Virtual Advisory Board

John Rose.jpeg
John Rose

Board Member

Virtual Advisory Board

Shimi Shah.jpeg
Shimi Shah

Independent NED

Virtual Advisory Board

Jean-Louis Guillou.jpeg
Jean-Louis Guillou

Board Member

Virtual Advisory Board

Martin Z. Wilderer.jpeg
Martin Z. Wilderer

Board Member

Virtual Advisory Board

Bill Best.jpeg
Bill Best

Board Member

Virtual Advisory Board

Professional Woman Smiling

Expansion Committee

Ahmed Hassan.jpeg
Ahmed Hassan

Regional Chair Middle East

Enrique Mallea.jpeg
Enrique Mallea

Regional Chair LATAM

Jean-Louis Guillou

Regional Chair Eastern USA

Nausherwan Akram

Country Chair Pakistan

Christoph Heidler.jpeg
Christoph Heidler

Country Vice-Chair Switzerland

Imad Abou Khalil .jpeg
Imad Abou Khalil

Country Chair Lebanon

Deva Naidu

Country Chair Ireland

Fermin Lozano Egea

Country Chair Spain

Shane Dempsey.jpeg
Shane Dempsey

Regional Chair Western Europe

Michael Chin.jpeg
Michael Chin

Regional Chair APAC

Chris Gerber

Regional Co-Chair Benelux

Stephen Pitt-Walker

Country Chair Australia

Coen van Rosmalen.jpeg
Coen van Rosmalen

Founding Member Switzerland

Steven B. McKinney.jpeg
Steven B. McKinney

Country Chair South Korea

Aidan McKee

Country Vice-Chair Ireland

Mika Kilpelainen

Regional Chair Western USA

Mike Stenson

Regional Chair Eastern Europe

Terrence Kommal.jpeg
Terrence Kommal

Regional Chair Africa

Rudi Plettinx.jpg
Rudi Plettinx

Regional Co-Chair Benelux

Sanja Tomovska.jpeg
Sanja Tomovska

Country Chair Switzerland

Michael Jenkins.jpeg
Michael Jenkins

Country Chair Singapore

James Williams

Country Chair United Kingdom

Ricardo Yoshino

Regional Chair Central America

Abstract Glass Building

Expansion Networks Committee

Chris Gerber.jpeg
Chris Gerber

Energy Issues

Nuno Godinho.jpeg
Nuno Godinho


Shane Dempsey.jpeg
Shane Dempsey


Daniel Honeywell.jpeg
Daniel Honeywell

Artificial Intelligence

Rudi Plettinx

Environment, Social, Governance (ESG)

Fay Niewiadomski.jpeg
Fay Niewiadomski

Diversity & Inclusion

Steven Yaung.jpeg
Steven Yaung

Venture Capital/Private Equity (VC/PE)

MyBoards Committee

Ken Tyler.jpeg
Ken Tyler


Enrico Baldassarri.jpeg
Enrico Baldassarri

South Africa

Wael Khattab.jpeg
Wael Khattab

United Kingdom

Jean-Louis Guillou.jpeg
Jean-Louis Guillou

United States

Khori Whittaker.jpeg
Khori Whittaker

United States

Millicent Tracey.jpeg
Millicent Tracey

United States

Brian Hayward.jpeg
Brian Hayward


John MacEntee.jpeg
John MacEntee

United States

Konstantinos Vossos.jpeg
Konstantinos Vossos


Guillermo Rivera Rio.jpeg
Guillermo Rivera Rio


Gordon Stove.jpeg
Gordon Stove

United Kingdom

Gary Pilibosian.jpeg
Gary Pilibosian

United States

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