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Join our network of outstanding leaders

Join Virtual Advisory Board's active community of board members and chairs, extraordinary business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Each application is assessed individually, however our members are typically:

CEOs, Partners, Managing Directors (or equivalent)

NEDs and Board Advisors at different stages of their board journey

Founders of a company with more than $500k in revenue

Industry experts or thought leaders

Board experience is not a requirement, however our members generally have experience reporting to/interacting with a board.



 VAB Director Network

Join the Director Network to stay informed about the global board ecosystem and follow opportunities for professional development. Your profile will also be considered for potential board vacancies.


Per Year

+ $1,000 Joining fee

 VAB Lite


VAB Lite membership is the perfect option if you are prioritizing your board networking and learning.

Virtual learning events
In person networking events
Virtual networking events
Online member directory
Regional chapters
Industry and interest networks
Online resource center + 150 webinar recordings


Per Year

+ $1,000 Joining fee

 VAB Premium


VAB Premium membership is ideal for those actively seeking a board role. It includes all Lite benefits, plus exclusive recruitment opportunities, the MyBoard program, and dedicated support.

Virtual learning events
In person networking events
Virtual networking events
Online member directory
Regional chapters
Industry and interest networks
Online resource center + 150 webinar recordings
MyBoard program; small forum groups meeting regularly throughout the year
Dedicated Member Experience manager to personalize your VAB journey and make personalized connections
Access to live opportunity board & regular digest
Virtual "Needs & Leads" events for opportunity sourcing

Learn more about the VAB Experience in a short video

Contact us to learn more about VAB and attend an upcoming event as our guest.

Colleagues Working Together

Member Benefits

Image by The Climate Reality Project

Regular networking and board-relevant learning events

Image by Gülfer ERGİN

Regional and local chapters


Board Tribes, forum-type groups for members


Exclusive benefits with

partner organisations

Image by Austin Distel

Private network

communication channels

Image by Annie Spratt

Monthly VAB Newsletter with thought leadership content

Screenshot 2022-06-18 09.43.41.png

VAB Podcast

Networking Meeting.webp

In-person networking events


Personalized networking connections and

member directory

Image by Lars Kuczynski

Industry and thematic

interest networks


Board opportunity listings, including exclusive off

market openings

Image by Trent Erwin

VAB Academy, a series of board readiness Masterclasses

Exclusive Member Services

We offer a range of board preparation and visibility services, exclusively for VAB members.

The Board Boost Programme

Board Boost helps you prepare for, and increase your chances of securing, your next paid-for board of directors/advisory board position. Board Boost is a six-month program based on a proven methodology. It takes you through a series of practical steps towards building your ideal, individualized board portfolio. This includes designing your personal board build plan, your individual profile and visibility development strategy, plus custom-designed research and market exploration.

Image by Cytonn Photography

Board Biographies and Executive Resumes

A Board Bio is an essential document needed to secure your next board role. Different in nature to a standard professional resume and targeted to a specific audience, a Board Bio communicates your potential value proposition as a board member. Through our Board Bio service, your career highlights, credentials and accomplishments will be captured and crafted into a narrative that truly speaks to the unique value you bring to the boardroom. Our expert team can also create/polish your Executive Resume to help you create consistently powerful messaging across all your professional documents.

Image by Benjamin Child

VAB & Board Placements

What you should know before you apply to join VAB!

At VAB, we believe in transparency and will do our best to manage your expectations!

If you join VAB, you will be a highly valued member of our community.

However, before you join, we wish to make you aware that board of director and board advisor placements are not our main objective. If you are joining VAB solely with the expectation to be placed in a board or NED role, our organisation might not be the right fit for you and may not fully meet your needs.

We expect to make direct placements for only about 15% of our members on a yearly basis. Through active community engagement and our member-to-member referrals, we estimate that a further 25% of members will be placed in board advisor or NED roles each year.

If you are looking for opportunities to network with and learn from our community of 700+ talented leaders, as well as connect to the global board ecosystem, then we very much look forward to welcoming you!

3 years of VAB: Our story so far and what's next

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