Our Founders

Mark Hamill


Mark Hamill is a thought leader in talent acquisition, specialising in C-suite roles, CEO succession, and Board development. He is a strong advocate of care in executive search. He represents Ackermann International as NED, serves as YPO chapter chair in the UK, and is CEO of his own company, The Naked Headhunter.

David Fernandez

CEO & Co-Founder

David Fernandez is a Mexican entrepreneur who has lived in Singapore, Brazil, and the UK. He worked for many years in e-commerce. He has served in sales director roles in EMEA and Latin America, working with brands like Cadbury, Groupon and Vend. His passion for connecting people helps him define the strategy for, and grow, the VAB community.

Our Team

Luiz Felipe Goncalves

Membership and Business Development Director

Luiz, a native of Brazil based in Sao Paolo, is responsible for managing VAB community activities programming and member relations and recruitment. He has extensive experience working in the fields of HR, ICT and social media, and he is founder of a freight and delivery services start-up, ZéZapp, that works completely with electric vehicles. Luis has held management roles in well-known tech companies like Groupon and, in the past, co-founded an HR tech and O2O benefits club called Habaut.

Maria Fernanda Viesca

Member Experience Manager

Mikhaila Hopner

Member Experience Manager

Carolina Moreno


Carolina, who is originally from Spain but is currently based in London, manages all VAB operations processes. She oversees the implementation of new policies, strategies, plans and procedures and manages all VAB business operations. Carolina has extensive experience working in HR and operation fields for global organisations headquartered in the US and Europe as well as providing programming support for senior executives.

Brady Clough

Communications Manager

Brady, who is from the USA but is based in Prague, Czech Republic, manages communications and PR work for the VAB offices. He oversees the production of community publications and assists with webinar programming and copywriting for VAB members. He also serves for VAB‘s LinkedIn presence: both the internal member group and our external community page. Brady has a degree in international relations and macro-economic theory and runs a boutique PR agency called Southpaw Productions.

Vitor Miguel

Admin Support

Helvécio C. Júnior

Admin Support