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Board and Executive Recruitment Partners

Increase your access and exposure to potential board and executive opportunities


The Naked Headhunter (TNH) provides personalised executive search from founder Mark Hamill's perspective. Delivered with purpose, passion and performance. Focused on C-suite and succession roles within scaling SMEs & Owner/Founder scale-ups. The Naked Headhunter is a disruptive global search firm used by Owners/Founders/CEOs and Chairmen to strengthen their businesses, executive teams and boards.


As a VAB member in need of executive search, you can receive a complimentary discovery call with Mark Hamill and a reduced rate on services provided.


Lodestone Global is a specialised consulting firm focused on high-performance boards. It works with clients who can demonstrably benefit from a board to design the structure and recruit top-level talent. Since its founding, the Lodestone Global has assembled, has consulted with, or has been a member of over 1,000 boards.


As a VAB member looking to design and build a board, or add/replace one or more board members, you can receive a complimentary discovery call with one of Lodestone's Senior Partners. As a VAB member looking for a new board position, you can join Lodestone's Qualified Director Database to increase your potential exposure to opportunities.


Him For Her is a social impact venture aimed at accelerating diversity on corporate boards. Drawing from its ever-growing referral-only talent network of 6000+ women, Him For Her introduces board-building companies to board-qualified candidates, resulting in more than one hundred board appointments to date. Together with guest hosts, Him For Her also convenes roundtable discussions that extend networks for CEOs and current and aspiring board members.

America, Canada, U.K., Singapore

As a woman VAB member, you can be nominated to join Him for Her's referral-only talent network, to increase your exposure to board opportunities and extend your board relevant network.


Shared-C is community of executive freelancers. Offering an executive-as-a-service model, Shared-C allows businesses to scale executive talent capacity up or down to create their dream team. For their members, they offer part-time, short term C-Level opportunities. Often these opportunities can be around a specific project, or helping a company through transition.

Europe and UAE

As a VAB member, you can receive 20% off your annual Shared-C membership (usually €500).


Equilar provides corporate leadership data and solutions for business development, board recruiting, executive compensation and shareholder engagement. Their board database, BoardEdge, is a cutting-edge technology solution for board recruitment and is used by their clients (typically mid-large cap corporations, institutional investor firms and executive search firms based in the U.S.) in their board succession processes.


As a VAB member, you can create a free profile on the BoardEdge platform through the Equilar Diversity Network, to increase your exposure to board opportunities and chances of placement.


Board Owl is a digital matching platform, matching remarkable advisors with exceptional organisations for open board positions. They work with start-ups, SME's and non-profits, and you can find examples of current and past opportunities on their website. They are based in Switzerland and have the strongest presence in Europe, but work with organisations and advisors globally and the large majority of their opportunities are remote based.

Global with a European focus

As a VAB member, you can receive 30% off your annual Board Owl membership (usually €350) for the chance to be matched with their opportunities.


CEOX connects highly qualified women candidates to CEO and board roles. A mission-driven and community-oriented organization, CEOX partners with leading VC firms to change the face of C-suite leadership. They have placed dozens of CEOs, C-Suite and board roles, and supported hundreds of women in their career journeys.

America and Europe

As a woman VAB member, you can be nominated to join CEOX's referral-only talent network, to increase your your exposure to C-suite and/or board opportunities, and be supported in your career journey.

Board Education and Advisory Partners

Develop your board skills and increase the value you bring to the boardroom



The Advisory Board Centre is the global professional body for the advisory sector. It provides research-backed best practice training to support the professionalism, growth, and impact of the advisory sector for professionals and the organisations they serve. Their Certified Chair Executive Program is highly respected in the market and a globally recognised certification. It includes mastery of the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ – the world-class standard for best practice in advisory boards and committees.

As a VAB member, you can receive a complimentary consultation with Advisory Board Centre's Director of Talent, to learn more about their Certified Chair Executive program. You also have free access to their self-paced e-module programme, Executive Transitions, which provides practical steps to building a sustainable board career.



NEDx offers coaching services supporting people on their NED journey. Its founders have deep experience serving as impactful NEDs, coaching and mentoring senior executives and boards, and investing and scaling operational business. Coaching is customised to your needs, and can cover everything from your verbal and written messaging, networking strategy, how to approach your NED journey, opportunity spotting, and more.

As a VAB member, you can receive a complimentary 30 minute discovery/initial coaching call, which provides a great opportunity to assess your level of Board Readiness. You will also receive a special discount on their 1:1 and group programs.



Sirdar is Africa’s leading guide, appointer and educator of boards and directors. Active and aspiring board members rely on their director training opportunities to learn how to contribute meaningfully in the boardroom and, ultimately, impact business and society positively. Boards use their practical, robust methodology to support them in implementing and maintaining good governance and creating meaningful economic impact.

As a VAB member, you can receive a complimentary discovery call with one of Sirdar's Senior Partners, to learn more about their education programs. As a VAB member looking for a board position in the Africa region, you can join Sirdar's Director Network to increase your potential exposure to board opportunities.



The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is a global leader in applying futures studies methods to solve strategic challenges within organisations. The Institutes core advisory offerings include megatrend analysis, scenario planning, risk assessment, innovation processes, and strategic foresight.

As a VAB member, you can attend events hosted by CIFS exclusively for the VAB community. You can also connect with our dedicated Future Studies Ambassador, to learn more about the CIFS offering for individuals.



Competent Boards is the original creator of premium environment, social, and governance (ESG) education programs for business leaders, investors, board directors, and those who advise them. More than 180 of the world’s leading experts make up our faculty. Their knowledge enables us to bring better decision-making and oversight to boardrooms and C-suites around the world.

As a VAB member, you can receive 10% off all of Competent Boards programs, using the code VAB10 when you sign up online.



Founded in 1945, Henley is one of the oldest business schools in the UK and part of the University of Reading. With a network of over 80,000 alumni, Henley is ranked number 24 in the world for executive education. Henley offers a range of open programmes for Board Directors, and a Masters qualification programme in Board Practice and Directorship.

As a VAB member, you can receive 10% off Henley's board education programmes.


Middle East

MEIOD supports entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and investors in implementing effective corporate governance. It provides targeted information and resources, capacity building programs, independent business consultancy, and organizational evaluations to help businesses achieve good governance and better performance.

As a VAB member, you can receive a 5% discount on all MEIoD capacity building programs for board directors.



SusteneriGroup is a unique global network of associates, consultants, partners, partnerships and affiliates companies who work with companies and their boards to support sustainable business transformation.

As a VAB member, your board can receive a free 1.5 hour dicovery meeting with two Susteneri consultants to assess the appetite within the company for sustainable transformation (usually €3,000 - €5,000).

M&A, Investment and Capital Raising Partners

Access M&A, investing, funding and other business opportunities.





STS Capital Partners is a global mergers and acquisitions firm, specialising in sell-side consulting and advisory services for entrepreneurial business owners. STS helps business owners achieve maximum financial value by selling to strategic buyers.

As a VAB member, you can become a Deal Advisor for STS. In this role, if you were to know of a business owner who wishes to make an exit from their company, you can make the introduction to STS and if that sale goes through, you will receive a commission. As business owner exploring an exit, you can be connected to the STS team for a complimentary discovery meeting.



Opportunity Network is the world's largest community of pre-vetted CEOs and investors that allows to originate business deals globally. They partner with leading banks and exclusive international organisations like YPO and EO to allow their clients and members to benefit from the network of more than 52,000 vetted investors and business leaders. So far, Opportunity Network has hosted more than USD 540 billion worth of deal flow across 130 countries.

As a VAB member, you can receive a free two week trial of the Opportunity Network Platform and 10% off membership.

Untitled design.png


Sellside Group is a global management consulting firm, established to help business owners and management teams grow the value of their businesses. The team at Sellside is made of executives with real-world experience in starting, growing, turning around, managing and selling businesses. One of their core services is Mergers and Acquisitions, working with business owners all over the world to achieve growth through aquisition or execute successful exit strategies.

As a VAB member and advisor/owner of a business exploring an exit, or if you are interested in buy-side opportunities ($1-25M USD), you can be connected directly to the CEO of Sellside Group for a complimentary discovery meeting.



Rolfe & Associates is a specialty growth stage advisory firm. They work with companies to help them rigorously prepare for, and effectively execute capital funding rounds (specifically Seed or Series A).

As a VAB member, you can receive a complimentary discovery call with the CEO and Founder of Rolfe & Associates and preferential service rates.

Networking and Content Partners

Expand your board relevant network and stay up-to-date on board trends and governance topics



Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs is a global network of leaders & innovators from all 13 Harvard Schools, and is dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship. It is a very active network with plenty of learning and networking events, including pitch days, and is a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors and mentors. HAE has 18,000 members in more than 100 countries.


As a VAB member, you can receive fast-track, pre-vetted access to the HAE network as an Affiliate Member - no Alumni status required - and a discount on membership fees ($125USD per year instead of $150USD).

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