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Who’s Who in VAB – Get to know our VAB member, Maximo Dolman

What inspired you to become a member of the Virtual Advisory Board community?

After an interesting and productive professional career, in different business sectors, industries, countries and cultures, the time has come to contribute my acquired experience in a different way: in a new life context of life adapted to the moment or phase of life in which I currently find myself. Taking on the role of advisor is a challenge for those who come from the corporate world where the day-to-day is characterised by direct action in the definition of strategies, in the achievement of results, in the development of the organisations' talent, and in constant interaction with the different internal and external audiences. Facing this new challenge requires a revised mental approach, the development of new business relationships (networking) and learning based on the experience of others. That is why I felt joining the VAB community was the right step for me to take as I begin walking through this new path of my professional life -- at this stage in my life.

In what area do you feel board advisors can add the most value for Boards of Directors (BoDs) and executive teams?

One of the most important responsibilities for Boards of Directors is CEO succession and that of his direct reporting team. During my professional career, one of the areas on which I placed most emphasis was the definition of talent development and succession planning. These two topics are ones that guarantee any organisation will have prepared human resources teams; ready to act in a timely way to assume future responsibilities for the development of strategic plans and achievement of necessary results for business growth. It is therefore key that as an advisor you make the Board of Directors aware of this task, so they can complete it in the correct manner and with the necessary frequency.

What would be your dream company/organization to work with as a board advisor/NED?

It would be a company or organisation where the development of human talent accompanies (in the same order of priority) the definition of strategic plans, the balance of the achievement or fulfilment of short- and medium-term results, and the execution of investment and development plans and the addressing of ESG-related issues.

What book would you recommend to VAB members that might improve their skills in corporate

governance, board advisory or boosting board-to-executive team communications?

I would recommend any of the following books as insightful and important reads for anyone wishing to understand better board and corporate governance: Boards that Deliver by Ram Charan; Rethinking Success by J. Douglas Holladay; Scaling Up by Verne Harnish; and Switch by Chip Heath & Dan Heath.

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